Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Turn, turn, turn

* Seeing faculty members ride a bicycle is an interesting feeling. The thing about cycles is that it seems to make human even the most intimidating of personas. I wonder if those who apply to faculty position in those departments here with a "faculty bicycle parking stand" feel the pressure to think about their pedal-worthiness among all the technical mumbo-jumbo?

* I have a theory: you can detect what a student is doing here looking at how they walk. The average MTech first year student seems to be in a hurry, the final year student has a spring in his step but without needing to feel desperate about it. As for the Research Scholar (i.e. PhD student), she's sauntering at an easy pace.

* JR's first academic observation: Exams are meant to give the professor the opportunity to indulge in his deplorable tendency to ask you the set of things you don't know, however small the set may be.

* JR's second academic observation: If a professor says something is trivial or obvious, it's highly likely it won't be.

* Miss Erable seems to have become a constant companion over the last week or so. Every little lapse or mis-step seems to have come back to haunt me. Observation one above has pretty much ruled my life in the last year. I do 95% and 5% shows up. Over the last one year, I have to make just one tiny mistake and it ends up affecting the result - think of all the quizzes (the real ones, not the academic ones) in this period. I need to commit to the web, the great failure post that's been hovering around in the cranium for the last 6 months.

* I've missed all the interesting lectures around campus in the last two months.

* Wednesdays are Rasna days at lunch. It's been a while since I had Rasna that regularly. Mostly because we'd forget to buy and make Rasna because we stopped twigging that it was the Rasna season. Earlier, you knew it was time when you were sitting bored at home and deprived of being able to complain about school. Rasna making (the silver packet, the little squat bottle, the litres of water, the sugar) was partly to divert your febrile mind. It signalled the summer vacation.
Now that I populate un-vacatable age-groups, one cubicled day is the same as another.

* I seemed to have convinced a couple of kittens in my hostel mess hall that my slippers are two large black mice (or equivalent). They give them a lot of dirty looks and thankfully still lack the courage to launch an attack.


Blogger SameerDS said...

I have a theory: you can detect what a student is doing here looking at how they walk.
Hehe ... beat you to that!

7:19 PM  
Blogger @m@r said...

funny as always :)

just wondering how much of ur set theories abt prof. has to do with the distri mid-sem :P

Mental Note : Damn .. i should be using lesser smileys :D

12:53 PM  
Blogger Ramanand said...

amar: no, it's consistently happened to me in almost every exam here. I leave out one thing and boom, like Tendulkar and a debut fast bowler, the ball takes the wicket :-)

1:28 PM  
Blogger Ajay said...

Ramanand - that's my story - all 4 years in COEP. It's not even deliberate leaving. There were times when I didn't get a dekko at a topic studied earlier in the 1 1/2 days between exams, only to have it jump on me. It's a miracle I finished in 4 years.

4:26 AM  

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