Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hum and yeh logs

* I was supposed to be out yesterday to dinner with S, his wife & GS, but didn't because of the blasts. Plus the fact that areas affected by the blasts were liberally sprinkled with relatives. Only could find out today that all seems well with them as well - the delay due to an unprecedented (for me) jamming of the phone network

* I have not been too close to such calamities before: when disturbances happened in Bombay 13-14 years ago, I was in Madras and relocated to Bombay only about a year later. And when Madras erupted during MGR's death, I was in Pune, only to leave for Madras a few months later. I hope I'm not the follower of bad news, some sort of local apocalyptic acolyte who lives in safety. I have not even been in a curfew situation, thanks to the nature of the places I have lived my life. But all that is changing

* Report writing continues. The urge to write seems to be creeping back slowly

* Local relocations seem to be the order of the week, for lab desk changes and hostel changes are imminent. Hostel 12 especially is a 3-star suite compared to the clearly infra-dig H-4. But then I thought about it a little and figured that with my notoriously frequent Pune trips and time spent at lab, it's not going to be as much about the ambience of a room (for I lack the infrastructure - on purpose - to work from my hostel room) as about the food. But then the hostel is at the other end of the universe

* Like during the 26th July incident last year, I'm in such a calm and seemingly unaffected environment amidst all the volcanic eruptions outside, that it is hard to believe I'm in the same city. I wonder if all this shelter is necessarily a good thing. Am I incensed enough (should I be be more?), or am I too asympathetically detached?

* The stories of how some changed compartments to escape the bombings (or worse, vice versa) and such like will pour through. What reasons will be ascribed to such twists in fortune?

* People are graduating all around me as I write. Must be a fulfilling feeling. Did they accomplish most, if not all, that they had hoped to in these two years?

* "O Saathi Re", "Jag Jaa", "BiiDii/Sasurrii", "Laaka.D" - worth writing about soon

* I have to take part in a Science quiz organised by ISRO and produced by UTV. I fear questions on the scientific explanations of everyday occurences will dominate, and so I have no real expectations of it. Hopefully DD will show it in some afternoon slot on DD Bharati and so even the 100-odd people who might have watched it will be denied access. I had intentions of taking a shot at preparation, but realise I'm not that really inclined. Let me out - I'm more of a useless trivia kind! The prizes are laptops for the winner, which is even more indication that with my usual hex of not winning anything that offers anything pricey as prizes, I should make a swift and painless exit


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