Friday, July 14, 2006


* What do you say to a biped that houses a bunch of XX chromosomes and an accompanying keeper of XY chromosomes who turn up 40 minutes late for an appointment inconveniencing 5 other people, do not even once call up to convince us of their impending arrival and ultimately do not even bother to apologise or acknowledge at any level their starring role in this tardiness?

"How can you be so irresponsible"1 comes to mind, as Suchak saab said to Sadhu Agashe (getting that brilliantly accusatory lilt is tough, but I could have managed it on the occasion).

I must have spent many months worth of time waiting for such nutcases. My conversion to misanthropy is further justified. I wish I could be more rude.

* Yesterday was a colossal waste of time and mental energy, some of it self-inflicted. Above bipeds didn't help the situation. Worse, rank amateurs giving me philosophies on one of the very few subjects I know a lot about i.e. conducting quizzes. Couldn't stop myself getting into an argument - seniority goes for a toss. I don't tell you how to set up telescopes, you don't tell me how to conduct a quiz. Maaz tar maaz.

* Given the imminent move to H12, the internal pedometer is all set to record a 25% more increase in kms covered. I couldn't believe the H12 mess actually has "boiled-only" meal available too! The rooms have Spartek tiles too. They're miTTi-me.n-milaa-oing (apologies for Hinglish) the name of hostels all over.

* We had astrologers predicting Italy would win in an Italy-France World Cup final. If only they could have used all that "power" to predicting bad fortune for the 5.54 from Churchgate.

* Some of the things happening around me in the last couple of days have left me emotionally staggered, despite they not affecting me directly. I feel quite unhappy for a bunch of people. I wonder if I would have had the stomach to face such things if they happened to me. Not v. pleasant. There's a limit to how much you can empathise - it can never be total. The living bear the guilt when the dead are gone.

1: From "Ab Tak Chappan"


Blogger daemon said...

Hmm.. My take on such man made calamities or natural otherwise is fairly detached. Its just based on what I could or could not do and whether I WANT to do it in the first place. I can't control everything. So, let it be.

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