Saturday, July 15, 2006

Of PThesis and others

* The M.Tech thesis work here at I.I.T (must be a IIT-wide phenomenon, I guess) is presented in stages. (The 1st stage is a literature survey due very soon.). All this talk of stages makes it sound like a terminal disease.

George added to this by saying it should then be called "PThesis"! (refer list of diseases starting with "P" or rewind to Pyaremohan Ilahabadi asking puujya jjijjaajji about phthisis and pneumonia in "Chupke Chupke".)

* The trick about writing anything long, as I have always painfully felt, is to not stop writing.

* This is the first Saturday in many weeks that I'm in the campus instead of home. I am rather notorious in these parts for taking off for home on the slightest available opportunity. So much so that, I have to only lift my satchel for people to conclude I'm going to warm a seat on a bus between Bombay and Pune.

Some of this has been justified, no doubt. My excuse is that there is still a lot to do at home - library books and DVDs to borrow, read/watch and return, quizzing to participate, while still being able to keep the essential wheels of work turning. This weekend, it's a genuine case of there being higher priority work here.

Still, this should do my sullied image a surf-excel-makeover. Temporarily.


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