Thursday, August 10, 2006


* The immediate post 1st-stage period of protracted procrastination is winding down. A longer and more detailed study is imminent. Of how I seem to put off things, I mean. (Oops, that was not particularly discreet, I think). Perhaps I should research the different facets of procrastination.

* More academically, I'm reading a little about network models that characterise The Small World Phenomenon. A fortuitous procurement of Duncan Watts' book on the subject from BCL, Pune a couple of months ago is turning out to be useful.

* There are officially no animals left in the skies. They followed cats and dogs in the slipstream of the downpour over Mumbai and Pune, in some kind of Noah-like exodus. I missed the last Mumbai edition (in late June and early July this year) by being at Pune, but this time I can sit in the lab and feel very fortunate that I don't have to travel. Except for the minor annoyance having to walk all the way to H-12, it's not too bad, There is no real comparison to the woes of the commuting and living-in-sub-standard-homes population of the city.

* The recent increase in walking recalls Observation 2 in an earlier post. The pace of walking is distinctly more leisurely than the new crop of students here.

* Omkara was watched again, this time in Huma Adlabs, Kanjur Marg. No self-respecting multiplex would have countenanced such lack of clientele (word is that the previous avatar of Huma was that of a rather shady samajh-rahe-ho-naa? type theatre and it's only getting rid of that image slowly). Also, being a m'plex, they charge m'plex prices. OTOH, you are assured of tickets 99% of the time.

* Convocation Day tomorrow at IIT-B, i.e. a chance to put on slightly funny and "authentic" indigenous dress material. The Chief Guest this time is economist-ex bureaucreat-Dy. Chairman Planning Commission, Montek Singh Ahluwalia, which is a good choice, especially given last time's choice was maananiya Arjun Singh. I'm guessing there won't be the same extent of restrictions unlike last time.

* I went to St. Xavier's fest "Malhar" for the elims just to see the premises of the famous institution. Experiences were experienced and bloggable experiences at that. Will wait for until the finals on Sunday to make that possibly vitriolic post. To record views on the elims of the quiz before the outcome (on Sunday) can be held against me: the elims were badly done. Lots more to follow.

* Jatin finds a shelf with books on movies in the IIT-B Central Library. It opens my eyes a little - I realise I have not really explored the library stock much for fiction, films, sports etc. (the science collection is good, esp. old copies of Scientific American and Nature editions are to be found). Within 5 minutes of getting to the clearly unpopular section (yippee!), I find "All About H.Hatterr" by G.V.Desani that came well-recommended, but equally well out of stock. The rest of today's quick sweep are:
Ravan and Eddie" by Kiran Nagarkar, "Scorcese on Scorcese" (based on a set of interviews with the ace filmmaker) and a biography of Francis Ford Coppola by Peter Cowie. From having exhausted my small stockpile of books and no impending visit to Pune for until half a week to replenish, I now feel as I have hit a sufficient lode of gold.


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congratulations on the hatterr find; shame! for not having discovered these gems in the library earlier ... what did you think the library was there for? study supplements ;) ?

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