Friday, September 16, 2005


Convocation Day today at IIT Bombay. Extra security measures have been pumped in for the Minister Arjun Singh will be in attendance. I suppose the only security he needs even in these troubled times is from indignant students affected by the change in the IIT entrance examination format.

Another aspect to such convocation functions is that I expect the speeches to be all dull and dreary with "maanaaniya"s and "honourables" and "mahaamahim"s (but then we're not in UP, so make up a MaraaThii equivalent) with mementos to "respected guests on dias who spared their kiimati waqt" and so on - all stuff from canned bureaucratic templates. We hear of ceremonies in univs abroad crackling with graduation day speeches from people ranging from Conan O' Brien to Steve Jobs, and I wish speakers here would either cultivate some focus and content in their speeches or that organisers wouldn't feel the need to kow-tow to the sarkaar and get some more inspirational speakers.

Till then it's zzz tv.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Lossy compression

Naval observed that a few people (including self) have shed kilos (average: 2) in the last 9 weeks. Pertinent observation, considering my diet (won't reveal it here for fear of it making it way back home in Pune and receiving agitated calls daily in reaction). Further, he observed that KReSIT could now even advertise a la other fitness centres like VLCC about the amazing effects of their programme.

The suggested copy for the ad was: "If you're intelligent or fat, you'll do well here".

I have a sneaky feeling that all this cutting of the flab has a lot to do with the FLAB cutting us.


Ironic that the most calm part of the sem so far has been lead in to the mid-semester. Here we are finally, leafing through the books, something I thought I'd be doing for most part of the last 9 weeks. Not so, with all the (what I have come to call) "guerilla coding" (as opposed to "mercenary coding" - that happened earlier, of course).

Eye of cyclone it will probably be, for the portents and common wisdom here indicate that the ride will get rough, matey, so don't get used to feeling the pain recede...


This guy copped the most spectacular birthday bumps (earlier tonight) I have ever seen in my life. As Tejaswi remarked, it was quite a circus.

A few key features:

* Ani, anticipating outbursts of cyclonic proportions, wore about 3-4 layers of trousers/shorts to keep raging legs out. Didn't work as people sussed that out early and stripped him back to everyday norms (which is *normal*, in case you're wondering, having not met the protagonist)

* It was being billed as an epochal event for about 1.5 days and the "festivities" began 5 mins to midnight

* I have truly seen "The Mob" in operation

* Ani inflicted some amount of damage by his counter-lashes - man, did he kick out

* I have some idea as to what those unfortunates who spit out chewing gum in Singapore must feel like when the judge orders them to bend over.

* It reminded me of Billy Bunter, whose trouser-seats were never too far away from the kicks of the rest of the Remove.

Friday, September 09, 2005


[Click to Enlarge]

Last Wednesday, came back from lunch to see a large portly pachyderm being given shape to. Shrugging off all the time-tentacles of a lab assignment, joined in, trying hard to not wreck anything (having no experience with the ra.ngoli powders before and lent in a little hand). The above stretch was part of it (I'm the white body, the black one being Tejaswi). Was fun.

More pics at this location [Credits: photos - Sunny's camera and Prajakta's webspace]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Core Dump - 2

* Triple whammy dhuum-dhaDaakaa last Friday: three tests (I prefer calling them tests so as to not mix 'em up with the more friendlier connotation of the word "quiz"). Two were of a "surprise" nature, but the only thing I did right that day was to correctly anticipate them (reasons: they were overdue | psychology of prof involved etc.). But no marks for such keen eyes. Didn't do me any good.

* For some reason, Trilogy, as part of their pre-placement jamboree, put on a show (dinner at a nearby big place) for First Years as well last Friday. Wonder what they stand to gain by that? They're paying well, have some sort of a "reputation" which would guarantee people aiming to join them etc. Am a little puzzled at their being so eager to engage First Year MTechs/Third Year BTechs

* Since there have been a thousand syndromes to cover the entire spectrum of human psychological behaviour and from what I have been misled to believe, you can use that to effect in places like the US, I wonder if there is any to cover lack of concentration? I could use one of those. If medically sanctioned, I could say - ah, I'd have done well but for my inherent, genetic lack of concentration syndrome.

* Bicycles are clearly the silent killers on campus.

* Until August, I had seen an average of 6 films per month in 2005. In August? Just one. Sad, sad. sad.

* Among the many nice things about going home on weekends is the wonderfully exhilarating drive down some of the large Mumbai roads and ultimately the Expressway early in the mornings.

* Have finally discovered a food haunt that suits me - the H2 canteen serves some great food (paraaThaas and Chinese sampled so far, good shakes) at affordable rates, not too spicy and best part, (so far) with no next-morning-gastro-intestinal-traumas. My roommate and I keep inventing indifferent excuses to skip dinner at the hostel (like "we have to finish this assignment tonight") and catch a bite on the way to our hostel.